The Technical Artist is responsible for supporting Environmental Art, Level Building, Shader material creation, performance and optimization of Unreal levels and assets, creating tools that improve the production’s workflow.  He/she works in close collaboration with the artist to ensure that there are no technical problems met, or hindering of the work of other team members.


Job Responsibilities

  • Support the development of base materials in substance designer.
  • Propose, architect, and implement pipeline improvement strategies for each project and for the studio to help streamline content creation.
  • Drive performance and optimization efforts on all content.
  • Develop tools and view modes in Unreal to help isolate common performance issues related to draw calls, shader complexity, RCA’s, etc.



  • Experience with PBR
  • Experience building materials in Substance Designer/Painter
  • Experience with scripting languages and python for Maya, Substance, etc.
  • Experience with performance tools in Unreal and on multiple platforms.
  • An understanding of balancing draw calls against cpu and gpu usage.
  • Experience building pipeline tools for Unreal, Maya.  Automation is key.
  • Experience with lighting models for pre-rendered, and in-game Rendering (Unreal).
  • Experience with troubleshooting VFX and particle systems.
  • Strong knowledge of current 3D graphics techniques.
  • Strong knowledge of particle systems, environmental effects, cloth simulations, lighting, and dynamics.
  • High proficiency in technical problem solving.
  • Experience working with performance and optimization on Console a plus.
  • Houdini experience is a plus.

For now, send your information to rh@kokku.com.br.