• Work with the content team to understand the desired visual goals
  • Develop and implement innovative visual effects and graphic techniques
  • Analyze and optimize graphics performance on various platforms, including mobile and consoles, and game engines
  • Write efficient shaders in a variety of game engines and APIs
  • Communicate and educate the team on graphics technology
  • Improve content creation workflow with technical solutions
  • Provide time estimates to leads and management


  • Proficiency in C/C++ and/or C#
  • Understanding of modern graphics APIs (Direct3D11+, OpenGL4.0+, Metal, and/or Vulkan)
  • Good debugging, problem-solving and research skills
  • Solid knowledge of 3D math
  • Experience with writing GPU shaders
  • Knowledge of common graphics techniques
  • Good communication skills and team work

For now, send your information to rh@kokku.com.br.